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Ubuntu 계열이 다양한 tcp_congestion_control TCP Congestion Control of Linux 을 제공함

(23.09.15.) Ubuntu 20.04 설치 후 perfSONAR Toolkit 5.0.4 설치문서를 따라서 설치

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Configuring pscheduler-server

The pscheduler-server package must have a database installed and configured before it can be used. This can be optionally handled with dbconfig-common.

If you are an advanced database administrator and know that you want to perform this configuration manually, or if your database has already been installed and configured,
you should refuse this option. Details on what needs to be done should most likely be provided in /usr/share/doc/pscheduler-server.

Otherwise, you should probably choose this option.

Configure database for pscheduler-server with dbconfig-common? [yes/no] yes

Please select the remote hostname to use, or select "new host" to enter a new host.

  1. new host  2. localhost

Host name of the PostgreSQL database server for pscheduler-server: 2

Please provide a password for pscheduler-server to register with the database server. If left blank, a random password will be generated.

If you are using "ident" authentication, the supplied password will not be used and can be left blank. Otherwise, PostgreSQL access may need to be reconfigured to allow
password-authenticated access.

PostgreSQL application password for pscheduler-server: