Test disk to disk transmission for 100Gbps throughput in local environment



Ref spec for 100G DTN

100G Experimental (~2018) DTN Design

(captured at 2021) https://fasterdata.es.net/science-dmz/DTN/100g-dtn/

If you wish to build a 100G DTN, here are the important hardware considerations:

  1. 100G NICs require PCIe Gen3 x16. If you are assuming all transfers are 4 or more parallel streams, any CPU with a clock rate greater than 2.5GHz should be fast enough to push 25Gbps per flow with the standard tuning applied.
  2. 100 Gbps (or 12.5 GBytes/sec) of disk IO is challenging.

Based on reports from colleagues, to get this much disk I/O you'll need either:

Note that both of these configurations will require a special chassis that can hold that many drives, such as:

Sample drives that have been used for 100G DTNs include:

(~2020) 40/50/100Gbps Capable DTN Design

(captured at 2022) https://fasterdata.es.net/DTN/reference-implementation

The total cost of this server was around $21K in mid 2019.  This system is being tested currently, and we be deployed to ESnet in mid/late 2020. Please note that specifics on configuration will be available after full evaluation.  Note that this server uses VROC, and requires the purchase of a premium license.

DTN tuning