2015~2018GlobalNOC (USA)100Gbps pcap evaluationNapatech SmartNIC
NSF EAGER (#1535522)
2019Sandia National Laboratories (USA)

DPDK is fast enough to process packets at almost line rate, but the pcap virtual interface used by DPDK still relies on libpcap and that relies on fwrite, which drops the capture rate to 13% on an XFS RAIDO array.

DPDK is not a suitable choice for packet capture as its pcap libraries rely on a single thread and sequential pcap_dump calls.

100G SDN Control Demonstration for SC’16 • Near real-time traffic identification and management with wire-line verification for traffic engineering

Dell, Mellanox, Napatech and QoSient technology


SC16 Flow Steering Demo

  • Stanford (USA)
  • QoSient (Argus)
  • Napatech

Using Flow for Realtime Traffic Management in 100G Networks

2016 GLIF meeting after SC16

Argus Pro with Napatech support

Napatech  (NT200C01 Accelerator)



  • company in Italy
  • author of PF_RING

PF_RING ZC ( commercial version )

PF_RING vanilla ( opensource version )


2020USENIX 2020Achieving 100Gbps Intrusion Prevention on a Single ServerIntel Stratix FPGA

FMADIOfull 100g packet capture / 100gbps packet generator

1U appliance

  • FPGA
  • U.2 NVMe

fmadio 100G packet capture front

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